Autism Services

Toddler Play Group

This is a play group facilitated by a mental health clinician for toddlers diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Adult Support Group

This is a group for adults diagnosed with Asperger's Disorder or High Functioning Autism. During this group, individuals will discuss difficulties they encounter in relation to social, emotional, and vocational issues in a supportive environment.

Individual Child Therapy

Our therapists specialize in techniques which captivate the interest and imagination of your child. We integrate play therapy, talk therapy and art therapy into our individual child therapies. Parents may also be engaged in assisting with the therapies or carrying them out at home.

Group Therapies

Children and teens are engaged in cooperative and independent projects which examine the strengths and weaknesses of how your child learns. Group Therapies are designed to enhance self-esteem and behavioral self-management skills while giving participants an opportunity to learn and apply socialization and social problem solving skills.

Medication Therapies

Autism assessment and treatment also engages Physician Assistants and psychiatrists who are familiar with the medication therapies effective in treating symptoms related to Autism or other behavioral health problems.

Our medication providers coordinate with our therapist in order to help your child find a medication that is effective and has the least amount of side effects.

Our medication providers understand that eventually most parents want to have their child reduce or taper off their medications. Our providers will support this, often suggesting neurofeedback training as a long term solution which may reduce the need for medication therapies in the future.

Parent-Child and Parenting Consultations

Our treatment philosophy is to equip parents with the therapeutic tools they need and teach them how to apply these tools at home. To accomplish this, parent-child interaction sessions and parent consultations are conducted. These sessions are designed to specifically address the unique symptoms, problems and personality factors that impede progress in learning or social-emotional self-regulation.

Children who have been diagnosed with autism often have very unique ways of seeing and responding to the world around them. Motivation, teaching and discipline strategies must fit the unique way of interacting and learning of each child. We will help you find the keys to this and support you in using them to open many doors which have remained closed for your child.

School and Caregiver Consultations

Sometimes daycare instructors, music teachers, coaches, baby sitters, grandparents and educators wish to learn more effective ways of engaging and motivating your child. We can help them in this process by sharing our specific evaluation conclusions about the abilities, strengths and preferred learning modalities of your child. We can also assist in strategy development to address behavioral self-management carriers.